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Have you ever been in a space that you loved? 

At Designs by Gia, we have just one goal; create a sanctuary, with you, your loved ones or your clientele at the center. We craft environments that cradle inspiration, allowing it to grow, unfettered and protected.

Working closely with you and using carefully crafted skills, a classic touch, modern methods and the gifts of light, color and selection, we will breathe life into any space. A full-service design firm, we manage every detail of the design process, regardless of how big or small the area, event or task is, until the result exudes charm, comfort and excellent taste.

We go much further than the intersection of Form and Function. Being invited into your life, home or workspace is not something we take lightly. While striving to develop an artistic perspective, instill perfect flow and develop passion in the space surrounding your days, we never forget that it is you that ultimately gives meaning to the design. Providing an unparalleled level of service is a priority, while enhancing your life and giving you a newfound sense of peace.

We invite you to look through our site and review our services, gallery, testimonials and more, and we look forward to helping you make your space your own!

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10 Tips for Decorating the Perfect Christmas Tree- Tip # 6- Garlands and Ribbon

Every great Christmas Tree has a mix of elements to give it depth and interest.Garlands and ribbon should be the first layer on your tree. Garlands could be made of anything strung on a string,from simple popcorn and cranberries to garlands of beads and...
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A Pink Christmas that I created for a client a few years back.

10 Tips For Decorating The Perfect Christmas Tree-#5-Choosing Your Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme for your Christmas tree is the next step in decorating the perfect Christmas Tree. This could be a well thought out color scheme to coordinate with your home’s existing decor or a stand alone scheme of holiday colors, metallics, or a...
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10 Tips For Designing The Perfect Holiday Table- Tip #5 Add The Glow Of Candle Light

Add the glow of Candlelight, this is a great way to illuminate your holiday table. Candlelight bouncing off glassware and china will create a soft glow and add sparkle to the holiday table. Vary heights and sizes for a more interesting table. Several candles of the...
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Tips for Decorating the Perfect Christmas Tree- # 4- Lighting Up The Tree

Tip # 4- Lighting Up The Tree Now it is time to light up the tree! First step, purchase your lights. I usually figure approximately one 100 light strand per foot of your tree height. You can certainly use less lights, but, the more lights the better. I use white...
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10 Tips For Decorating The Perfect Christmas Tree-#3 Tree Stands

When using a real tree, use a tree stand that will hold water and will be strong enough for the size tree you have chosen. Choose the strongest tree stand that you can find, you don’t want to see your beautifully decorated Christmas tree crash to the ground, the wider...
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