1st visit -Coastal Haven

1st visit -Coastal Haven

When choosing a color scheme for any space the paint colors are always chosen last. This would be after all other items are chosen, including furnishings, fabrics, flooring, cabinetry, tile/stone or any other material that is being used in a space. Paint comes in thousands of colors, I even create my own color mix on some projects. This is a hard concept for most people to grasp, since the wall paint actually comes first in the process of putting a room together. My design process always starts with an overall feel for the room, or an inspiration, before starting the creation of a color scheme and design plan. When I first visited the Coastal Haven property, it was in fact, the dead of winter, but as I looked through the windows of that cold, dreary living room, which was cluttered with construction supplies and dust, I saw a beautiful coastal view, with a magnificent mix of blue tones. A huge contrast with the snow covered roads on which I traveled that early morning, and with the light of the early morning sun, these colors were particularly rich in depth. I knew I had to treat this fantastic view like a fine piece of artwork and create a design that blended the interior seamlessly with the exterior, without competing. So here in this very raw phone photo you might find a glimpse of what colors you will see in my design show house living room space.


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