Have you ever found yourself longing after the newly built, fully renovated home on HGTV?

Do you dream of a home that checks all the boxes, including all of your wants and needs?

What does this home look like?

What feeling comes over you as you picture yourself walking in the front door?

Maybe you are imagining a luxurious master bathroom, an organized and functional closet space, perhaps a state of the art kitchen?

Your dreams may not be as far away as you think.

If you love your current neighborhood or location, but you are frustrated with the limitations of your space, renovating might be a great option for you!

Before you write off your current space, thinking that there could be no way to create the elements that you love in your current home, explore the possibilities.

Let’s break it down:

1- First, make a list.
Do some journaling or simply pull out your phone voice recorder and start talking.
Get out all your thoughts about what you would want to include in your new space.
Think about a realistic budget, how much can you invest in a renovation project? What if you waited 6 months or a year?

2- Don’t limit yourself to only what YOU can imagine.
This is a great time to involve a design professional. A simple meeting with a design professional can open your eyes to new possibilities within your current space.
Can a seldom used bedroom be transformed into a master bathroom? Can a master closet be created with a few changes to existing spaces adjacent to your current closet? Open your mind up to new possibilities when meeting
with your design professional, go over all of your list items and discuss what you would like to include in your home.
Perhaps hire your design professional to create a conceptual design showing in detail, the proposed finished space, so you can really visualize the ideas and estimate costs.

3- Turn this plan into action
Consider the possibilities. Now that you have professional advice, a clear idea as to what could be done with a clear design plan, and an idea of the costs of renovating, it’s time to think about turning your dreams into reality.

What dream home elements would you love to include if you renovated your home?

We created this luxury master bathroom from a seldom used study.

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