I am going to give you one small easy tip for making any living room look more finished, polished, and pulled together, that is to experiment with styling your coffee table.

Whether your coffee table is new and perfectly proportioned to your other furnishings or it’s an existing table that you plan on replacing, eventually, it could still look so much better if it is thoughtfully styled with accessories.

1. Choose a mixture of items. An arrangement of some flowers or a plant, a tray with some smaller items grouped together, a stack of books, some candles. This is a great place to display some interesting items that you found on vacation, or some books that you love about your favorite hobby. This should be a collection of items that you love.

2. Choose items that reflect the color and design of the room. I like to add numerous items, weaving together the color tones from the rest of the room. For instance, if your room was filled with grey and white and touches of silver, you could pull in those colors when choosing your accessories. A mix of collected items that relate to each other with color or with shape and materials could be an interesting mix for your table.

3. Choose items based on proportion. Most people use items that are too small, and they just look lost on the table. However smaller items can be grouped with larger items, perhaps on a tray, this creates a grouping which appeals to the eye and creates better proportion. Use items that vary in height, this will keep the eye moving and it will be much more visually appealing. If you are going for a cleaner more contemporary look use single large items or repeat similar items in a grouping.

4. Choose items based on the size of your table. Of course, the size of your coffee table will dictate how many items you can use. Large coffee tables can be styled with a few groupings. Smaller tables, maybe use just a few well chosen items.

5. Always leave room for a cup of coffee! With a pretty coaster of course!


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