I really enjoy having guests in my home. I enjoy the late night dinners and laughter, I also enjoy the early morning chats over coffee. But I do know that anticipating guests can cause a lot of anxiety, even those of us that love having guests can feel anxious because we want our homes to be comfortable for them. They key is to be prepared, spend a little time preparing well before your guests arrive and you will be free to welcome your guests knowing that you and your home are ready for their visit.

If you have an actual guest room, great. Even a small space in an office can serve as a luxurious guest retreat if it’s well thought out.

Furnish your guest room with flexible furniture, if this is a dual purpose room, think about the floor plan and traffic pattern when it’s not being used for an office and how it will be used as a guest room when it’s needed. Will you need to access items in this room when it’s being used for guests. Plan ahead. Leave a little closet space, with a few empty hangers, and some drawer space in the room so guests can unpack a few things.

Before guests arrive, give your room a thorough cleaning, and dress the bed with fresh linens. If this room is seldom used, it might need a little freshening up a few days before your guests arrive.

I love to welcome guests with some fresh flowers and a candle in the guest room. It’s a small touch, but it really lets your guests know that you have done something special for them.

Try to use some nice quality sheets and bedding for the guest room. Even though this room might not be used regularly, no one wants to sleep on rough sheets, even for a few nights.

Have some extra pillows and blankets nearby, it’s hard to get comfortable in a new place, so having a few extra pillows means that guests can prop themselves perfectly while finishing up that book or video. A few extra blankets will allow guests to get comfortable without searching around for these items in unfamiliar territory.

Most guests will have chargers for their phones and devices, but it’s helpful to have an extra phone charger, or charging station, just in case. I like to have a power strip available for easy access to outlets. I also leave a small note with my home’s WIFI password in the room.

Provide a few personal necessities, stock a basket or a drawer with a few necessities, just in case your guests need them. Some travel sized soaps and lotions, an extra toothbrush and toothpaste, and a few other little necessities, your guests will feel at home and you won’t have to start searching around if someone needs something that they forgot to bring along.

I also add a few bottles of water and a few small snack items, no one wants to go searching through your kitchen for snacks after you’ve gone to bed, so just think ahead and leave a few things up in the guest room, just in case someone gets hungry, or let them know that you left them something special in the kitchen.

I also like to have a full-length mirror somewhere in the guest room, inside the closet door works great, it’s hard enough to live out of a suitcase, a full-length mirror lets guests quickly access their condition before heading down for coffee.

The summer months are just around the corner. That means people start traveling and you might have a few guest overnight guests in your home soon. Even if you don’t have a designated guest room, you could use some of these tips to prepare your home for their stay. Just a little preparation time can eliminate those feelings being overwhelmed, leaving some time to really enjoy your guests.

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