We all love our pets and we know our client’s want to be sure that their pets are safe and comfortable during their upcoming renovation.

All of us at Designs by Gia Interior Design and Renovation and our team of contractors and tradesmen love interacting with your pets. But we know that it can be startling for pets to have everyone converging on their home at once. We find that it helps to take the time to introduce ourselves slowly to our client’s animals to help them get familiar with us. Construction can be dangerous for animals and workers if pets are underfoot all the time. So as much as we love having them around, our first concern is always for their safety. Most pets actually do quite well with the renovation going on in their homes. Dogs especially seem to like all of the action and most of them quickly except their new construction friends. Cats usually aren’t quite as excited about their owner’s projects but are very good at removing themselves from the daily activity, and reappearing at the end of the workday.

Designs by Gia Interior Design. New England Interior DesignerWe want to share a few tips to help prepare your pet for your upcoming renovation.

1. Provide a safe area for your pets. Construction involves a lot of loud noises, strange power tool sounds, banging of hammers, and unfamiliar voices. This can cause some pets a lot of anxiety.  Always provide a safe area out of the construction zone for your pets to retreat. This can help your pets adjust to a house full of unfamiliar people and noises.

2. Notify your contractors if you have anyone other than yourself coming into the house during the day to feed or walk your animals. If you are not home during the days when construction is taking place, it is helpful to know who else is allowed into your home to interact with your animals.

3. A few days before the renovation starts you might want to relocate your pets food and water bowl if it’s in the area of the renovation. This might help them to adjust to their things being moved on the day of demolition. This is especially important during a kitchen renovation, as their meals might be disrupted.Designs by Gia Interior Design. New England Interior Designer

4. Also, let your contractors know if your animal is an indoor pet or is prone to a quick escape. This will help whoever is working on your home know what is normal for your animal and we will take extra care while entering and exiting the home.

5. During construction always leave a contact phone number where you can be reached if you are not home during the renovation hours. This is important for numerous reasons while renovating, but this also allows us to contact you if there are any issues regarding your pet.

6. Doggie Day Care. Many homeowners worry about their pets during the renovation. But I will say most pets adjust after a few days and actually welcome all of the activity. If you feel as though your pet might not welcome all of the action and it might cause them too much stress, make arrangements in advance for doggy daycare or boarding of some sort during the times of construction that you feel might be the most stressful for your animal.

7. Also, think about your pets needs as far as any accommodations needed in your new design. For instance, maybe a designated area in your new kitchen renovation just for dog food or your dog bowls might be easily worked into the kitchen design. If you have large dogs you might want to make a designated doggy wash station in your new mudroom renovation plan. I once designed a special sunroom for my client’s cats, because cats enjoy a newly designDesigns by Gia Interior Design. New England Interior Designered  and renovated space too.

Usually, after renovation, when everything calms down we often hear that our client’s pets miss all of the activity and construction friends that they’ve gotten used to being in their home all day.  So we know they enjoy it when we stop back in for a quick visit, to finalize details or to discuss the next design project. We remember fondly several of the numerous beautiful pets that we’ve gotten to know over the years, a few of them are not around anymore but all are remembered by us for their love of great design and construction….Gus, Diesel Dog, Sammy, Poncho, Ginger, Henri, Huck, Sig, Oliver, Prada, Willie, and Maggie. Of course, we can’t forget our feline friends including “best team player” Pebbles the cat who endured an entire house renovation, cleared the entire construction space of mice, and was still happy to pose patiently during the final photo session.

Designs by Gia Interior Design. New England Interior Designer







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