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As I watch my daughter with her young children I remember how crucial it is to design a space that functions well for small children.  As you think about the space you envision for your children here are a few things you should consider: Can they easily move around their room or are there obstacles in their way? Can they access their toys without assistance and safely?  Do they have a space to cuddle up and read, are their books easy to reach? Do they have creative space
Design for Durability

Design for Durability

You want to think about all of the activities that will go on in this space and how it will impact the room.

  • Be sure to choose finishes that wear well, washable paint finishes (what child doesn’t try to color or write on their walls or have a play date where that friend that can’t help themselves?) you want your Magic Eraser to ease the ink, not your paint!
  • Durable flooring and scratch or stain-resistant, will a hardwood floor be ruined if a box is dragged across? Should you add an area rug for warmth?
  • For curtains and blankets be sure to choose washable fabrics, this will save you when that fruit juice sippy cup ends up in their bedroom unexpectedly.
  • Create a floor plan that allows for flexibility and space to play, make sure you have the furniture aligned in a way that minimizes the need for your child to move it around.
Design for growth

Design for growth

We may all wish they would stay little just a bit longer, knowing that they will grow and their needs will change be sure to choose furniture pieces that will stand the test of time. A convertible bed that can be used as the child grows, a dresser that can be used for a changing table. Keep these pieces from looking too juvenile so they can grow with the child.

  • Remember bedding will be replaced more often, so this is an area that can be trendy or this is where we can use a superhero or the jungle animals that your child currently loves. As your child’s interest change, bedding is an easy thing to switch providing a quick face lift.
  • As you think of window treatments think long term, since these fabrics and colors may stay longer than then bedding look to geometric patterns or solids. These types of prints mix well with others and tend to be easy to rework into changing designs.
Design for storage

Design for storage

Is there enough space for legos, dinos, books, and shoes? As your little princess grows to a preteen her dollhouse will turn into a dresser if you don’t have enough storage for her clothes. As your son grows so will his trucks, you want to be sure you have the flexibility with your storage to accommodate these changes.
  • Customize closets to utilize every square inch of space- add shelves and use clear bins
  • Provide easy access storage for toys that are played with often, adding baskets or decorative boxes that hide these toys in the open will allow the space to look clean and be easily picked up.

Most importantly remember this space is where your child will test their boundaries and play out their dreams, you want them to have fun in this space as much as they can.

If your child is old enough to assist make sure you ask for their input in the design, they may have a creative idea that will be the perfect touch on the space that is truly their own.

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