Should You Hire A Team For Your Renovation?

How to choose the right team for your renovation. You are ready to renovate. You know that you should involve an interior designer. But how do you choose the interior designer, contractor, electrician, and plumber? And who else do you even need to complete your renovation?

Well, the answer to this question depends on your needs.

Should You Hire A Team For Your Renovation?

The homeowner who is looking for a budget solution could perhaps hire the interior designer to design the space, then hire contractors independently and go from there.

This requires an enormous amount of work and knowledge of the industry since by doing this, you have now appointed yourself as the Project Manager.

You must now take responsibility for the planning, management, supervising and scheduling of everything to do with your project. Including ordering all materials and making sure that everything is correct. If you have numerous hours in which to devote to learning, researching and making mistakes and you don’t mind making mistakes on your house you could certainly take this route.

If you are the kind of homeowner that wants to do this right the first time and wants to be sure that the money spent will guarantee a quality job, you should hire an experienced full-service team to complete your project.

“I cannot wait to transform your space into the home of your dreams!” – Gia Milazzo Smith

It’s all in the experience.

If you hire an Interior Designer that has experience in the type of job you’re doing be sure that they have the ability, connections and can implement a full-service project. Some designers just design and don’t have the knowledge, skillset, experience, and contractor relationships needed to implement your project. Have the designer prepare a complete design plan for the entire space before construction begins, this allows you to know exactly what you are building and what craftsman will be needed for the project. With a complete design plan, the project can now be more accurately quoted and planned, and changes can be made easily.

As a homeowner, in any renovation, knowing your finances is the key. What can you afford to spend? What projects can you eliminate from your wish list if you want yo stay within your budget? What level of service can you afford to pay for as far as professional help?

When choosing a full-service design and build team, you are choosing a process that brings you from design right through the final details This creates a seamless experience during construction. And allows you to go from the initial conceptual design right through the final details of furnishings and window treatments. Everything from start completion is overseen by a project manager. You, as the homeowner can now rest assured that your project will run smoothly.

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