Wrapping A Christmas Gift

It might seem like a small task, but the way a Christmas gift is wrapped can add to the excitement of receiving the gift. I have to admit, wrapping gifts is not my favorite Christmas project, I would much rather be decking the halls. But I have developed a few tips that help me to stay on task, stay organized, and keep my interest when it comes to gift wrapping.

Wrapping A Christmas Gift

Set the stage.

1. Set up a gift wrapping area and leave it set up for the Christmas season. Depending on where you live this could be a small table in a room or a tray or basket with supplies that can be tucked away in a closet. In the case of one of my former projects, an entire gift-wrapping room, which was quite a luxury for my gift-giving client. The important thing is to gather everything needed so you are ready for a last-minute quick gift or a wrapping marathon.

Get Creative

2. Start by choosing a color scheme for your gifts every year. I coordinate mine to my tree’s decor. This allows me to gather paper, ribbon, etc. early on, knowing what colors I am looking for. It also allows me to shop these items after Christmas since I rotate some of my colors and decor. You might decide to color code your gift so you know who they are for or where you are bringing them. However, you decide to do it, having a system helps.

Add rich color.

Get Creative.

3. Get creative with wrapping. A few ideas that I have tried hand-painted paper, stamped paper, and using solid paper and decorating each box with metallic markers. I’ve also used extra fabric and wallpaper to wrap gifts. In the last few years, I’ve been using solid colored boxes or wrapping paper and spending most of my efforts on bows and embellishing. I’ve used live greens, painted greens, raffia, ornaments, and other Christmas baubles, satin and taffeta ribbon, I’ve even embellished gifts with sewing trim and tassels. each year it’s a little bit different depending on my Christmas decor and what remnants I have in my design studio that find their way onto a Christmas gift. I also like to make unique gift tags, but depending on the time I keep some pre-made gift tags in my wrapping area.

4. Think “out of the box”. Gift bags can be a great alternative to wrapping paper. But instead of the standard pre-printed bag, purchase bags in solid colors try to personalize it by adding trim, ribbon, metallic markers will allow you to create a unique design and could be a fun project for your kids. Coordinate colored tissue to create a finished look. A simple gift bag with a satin ribbon is quick and easy, but very pretty.

5. Keep a list of what gifts you have purchased. If you do start wrapping early you will still remember what you’ve purchased and wrapped early.

Happy Wrapping!

Until next time,


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