How To Find Inspiration For Your Next Interior Design Project

There are so many places that you can find inspiration for your next interior design project.

When looking at a new space there are so many options that can be taken when designing a space. All of which can provide a dramatic transformation.

How do professional designers find inspiration for those beautiful rooms that you see and would love to have in your home?

Interior Design.

As an interior designer, I can say that I get my inspiration from conversations with my clients. By listening to my client’s wants and needs and by taking the time to understand the way that they want their room to feel when it has been completed. Even when a client doesn’t have any idea what they want, which is quite common, I listen for clues in our conversation or clues in how I see their current space functioning or not functioning, items, collections, or artwork that they currently own that they might love. Combining information about my clients, their lifestyle, wants/needs and my skill as a designer combine to create spaces that my clients love.

There are so many ways that professional designers find design inspiration. Here are a few ideas on where you can find inspiration for your space:

It’s all about YOU.

Art: A beautiful painting either passed down from a family member or purchased on your last vacation can be a great source of color inspiration for any space in your home. If you love a piece of artwork consider using it as color inspiration.

Personal Items or collections: Do you own an item or collection of items that you love? A collection can be a great source of inspiration for the design of your space. A collection of books, white-ware, glass or china can be a great source of inspiration for a room’s decor. My own home decor is designed around a collection of blue and white transferware. You will also see glimpses of this collection in a recent desire shophouse space that I designed. The important thing is that if you already own something that you love, considering in in your newly designed space.

Travel: Even a quick getaway can provide you with endless inspiration for our home. Be aware of your surroundings as you travel. Even that beautifully lacquered espresso cup at your favorite restaurant could be a source of design inspiration. A color combination on the side of a building, even the architectural detail of a building. I notice all of these details as I travel and I love to absorb them into my creative memory-bank. It might be years later, but when just the right project or circumstance presents itself, I will remember a detail of a molding or a doorway that I have seen while traveling, and draw from that memory to incorporate into the detail of a project.

Fashion: Fashion is a great source of design inspiration. Look at the way fashion designers mix patterns and textures in a piece of clothing or an entire outfit or collection. Study the contrasts of colors and placement of each color. Use this inspiration for your home. A certain mix or finishes or textures can certainly be used in a home design project to create interest.

I hope you start to look for inspiration for your home everywhere!

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