How To Work With An Interior Designer- Part 3- Implementing Your Project

Part 3 of my series on how to work with an Interior designer. 

Implementing Your Project:  Even the most beautiful and well thought out design plan cannot transform into reality on it’s own. If only we could wave a magic wand and have a space transformed into it’s visionary’s creation. Implementing your project and knowing how to translate that design plan into reality requires numerous project management skills, craftsmen, contractors, and vendors.  What does a professional designer do in the process of implementing a “design”?

How To Work With An Interior Designer - Part 3 - Implementing Your Project

In parts 1 and 2 of my blog series on how to work with an interior designer, we discussed the value of the interior design initial consultation and the preparation of an interior design plan.

This week we discuss step 3: Implementation of the project!

After having a detailed design prepared by a professional, most of our clients then ask us to implement the project. This might include a total renovation, all furnishings, accessories and window treatments. The scope of work might be different for each project, but the process is still the same.

This is where we take on the role of managing the implementation of your project. Designers experienced with construction might do this themselves by taking on the role of the project manager, this creates a seamless experience that ensures the final details are consistent from design to completion.

This week we discuss step 3: Implementation of the project!

Thorough knowledge of the renovation process and the experience managing complete projects will ensure that the construction costs are quoted after contractors have a thorough inspection of the site and an understanding of the design plan. The designer/project manager now presents projected costs to you, oversees the ordering of all product purchases and deliveries. The scheduling of deliveries and labor will be done at the proper times and in the proper order which heads off numerous issues.

If unforeseen construction issues or unexpected problems come up during your renovation, solutions will be developed immediately and presented to you. Any design challenges that these problems present are met with the proper design changes that might be needed to address any challenges presented mid-project. This is often an area where as a homeowner trying to manage your project yourself, could bring your project to a complete standstill!

With a design firm implementing your project, you now have available to you the resources that you would not ordinarily be able to access on your own. Your designer knows how to quickly and efficiently procure materials and products for your project, dealing with reputable vendors. Your designer will also know how to quickly and efficiently deal with any vendor errors, shipping issues or manufacturer problems that often occur when dealing with a large project requiring numerous products and materials.

Craftsmen and contractors that your designer has handpicked and has many years of experience working with might make up a team that blends perfectly with your project. This is exactly how it works in my business. If a homeowner hires me to implement a project, I bring in my team of contractors whose expertise is in line with the scope of the project. This will ensure the level of quality in the finished space.

We hope you are enjoying this series! Although all designers work a bit differently depending on their business model, these series will give you an overview of how a design/build firm will work and some of the ways that you can work with an Interior Designer.

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