How to create the perfect environment for working from home.

Trying to design a work space that is perfect for working from home? You are not alone. Today’s technology allows so many of us to be able to work from home. I know in the past decade I have certainly seen a huge increase in clients that work from home and that rarely go into an outside office or some that travel to the main office once a week or monthly. Some entrepreneurs run entire empires from their home office. The freedom of working from home is amazing, you can start early in the day if you like. You can work late in the day, as you don’t have to take time from the day for that work commute. This valuable time can be spent producing your work instead of traveling, something that is very important to anyone working on a big deadline. Here in the northeast working from home allows you to avoid many days of traveling on cold, icy roads. Spending those blizzard-like days working from your warm home in your slippers. This is a definite perk.

But as many of us know the challenge of creating a space in your home that’s conducive to productivity can be challenging. If you work from home regularly or you are spending this year’s flu season working from home, here are a few tips that will help you to settle in and become productive while working from home:

Make Work Comfortable.

1. Work from a room that you enjoy being in.
Many people take a dark basement or a seldom-used bedroom and try to set up camp in these rooms. This could be great if you are planning to completely makeover these rooms to suit your needs. But, remember you will always gravitate toward rooms that you like to be in. If you try to work in a room that just doesn’t feel good, you will find yourself wandering out and into the areas of the home that you like best. A few hours working from your kitchen or living room space might provide youth more productivity than a whole day locked away in that spare room.

2. Spend a little time accessing your needs.
Even if you are just working from home temporarily, spend a little time setting up proper surfaces area, lighting, and any electrical needs for you to work with the least amount of frustration.

3. Structure your day.
Working from home comes with many distractions, whether you have a busy household or not. Many people figure that you are “working from home”, so you should be available for their needs. Set some boundaries early on with friends and family members. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you can drop everything at a moment’s notice. Treat work time like work time. If you are prone to distraction set up some timelines and structure in your day to keep you on task.

4. Settle in and get comfortable.
Spend some time orienting your furniture in a way that feels good to you when you are working. If you are working from a desk, the placement of that desk is crucial to your productivity. Many people do not work well when facing a desk toward a wall. Most people feel better when the desk is facing outward toward the entrance of a room.

5. Give your work space a warm feel.
One of the biggest advantages of having a home work space is that it can feel like home. Using furniture items that you would use at home and adding personal items that you might have in your home can give you that comfortable feeling that you might not have used office furnishings. If you are designing a home office space from scratch, this can become a highly productive area to work simply by the selection of certain colors, fabrics, and furnishings.

Working from home can be isolating. Be sure to structure your business and personal life with some balance. When creating your weekly schedule allow yourself the opportunity to schedule meetings with coworkers or clients on specific days so that you do get out of your office regularly. Even using co-working space for meetings can break up your routine and increase productivity.

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