5 Designer Ideas That You Can Do In Your Home To Lift Your Spirits

I know everyone is going a little stir crazy as we are spending all of our time in our homes right now. Our homes have become our haven and the time that we spend there can be either stressful and emotionally draining or it can be rejuvenating and soothing to our souls.

Here are a few things that we can do in our homes to lift our spirits and make our homes look and feel amazing.


You can add a simple set of soft cotton sheets or completely change out the entire bed. Change out your pillows and try a silk or satin pillowcase (this is great for your skin and your hair as most fabrics pull on your skin and hair when you sleep). Your bed will look great and feel great. Also, making your bed everyday will boost your spirits.


Add a new throw or blanket to the living room sofa. Choose soft fabrics that you will enjoy curling up in. You can add a few different throws for a luxurious layered look.


Add fragrance to your home. Scented candles are great or you can use a diffuser with essential oils. The scent of lavender is very relaxing, I use lavender in my office diffuser every day. 


Move your furniture around. This might be a great time to experiment with a new furniture arrangement. With everyone home, you also might have the needed manpower to move those heavy items.


Style your bookshelves. Experiment with different items that you might not have on display. Create groupings of items to break up sections with books. Experiment with heights of items until you find an arrangement that you like. This takes some practice, don’t be afraid to move things around and think out of the box.

Hoping these tips will help to lift your spirits!

Until next time,


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