Evaluating the Function of Your Home

Like most of us, you might be finding yourself spending a lot more time at home for a while. We are now working, teaching, homeschooling, exercising, and cooking all of our meals at home. 

As we settle into this new norm we might be noticing that certain areas of our homes might not be functioning as well as you might like. That dated kitchen that you have been thinking about renovating is now also revealing all of the design and functionality flaws now that you are giving it so much daily use. You are also probably wishing that you had renovated it last year when you started discussing it.

That family room, the one that you have been thinking about opening up to your kitchen space to give you more flow and function in your home, you are now wishing that you had done this project before your home turned into the center of all daily activities. You are now discovering where your home lacks in function in a whole new way and your home is now a bigger priority than it might have been a few months ago. 

So, how do you proceed with thinking or planning a renovation in the midst of the unknown world situation?

Planning is more important now than ever when renovating. Even under normal conditions, a good renovation takes a few months of thorough planning.

  • Start the process now when your ideas are fresh on your mind.
  • Make notes now while you are home about your thoughts regarding your current space and what you would like to improve. Are you noticing that you are in need of panty space? Or you preparing to re-configure the entry are along with that kitchen renovation.
  • Do you want to include a designated home office space?

Involve a Professional early in the process. Even under normal circumstances designing and planning a renovation can take several months. Most of the design and planning processes can be done virtually. A virtual site visit or video tour can get the process started. Then the creation: a design plan for your space is done offsite along with the necessary client meetings. Involving a Professional to design and manage your project is now more important than ever. I can guide you through the ever-changing landscape of the interior design and construction industry.

Look to the future. Plan for a new normal but don’t give up on your dreams! Stay busy moving your dreams forward!

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