How to Create an Oasis in your Master Bathroom

Have you ever dreamed of a luxurious bathroom space? Now more than ever we are craving a master bathroom space that is an oasis. A space to which we can retreat at the end of a long and very stressful day. 

I have spent most of my life designing and renovating beautiful master bathroom spaces for my clients. Beautiful retreats with custom showers including all the features that one dreams of in a shower, and some features that you didn’t even know existed. Bathrooms that have been expanded well beyond their original floor plan and footprint, with exciting new layouts to accommodate large freestanding soaking tubs, customized storage, and privacy needs. Of course, using all of the beautiful fixtures, colors, and finishes that you would expect to see in a master bath retreat, marble, porcelain tile, glass, gleaming metals, luxurious fabrics, and soothing colors. Then, of course, all of the finishing touches that add a feeling of comfort to the space that we usually add after a space is fully renovated.

During this time at home, while thinking about and planning for that luxurious master bathroom renovation there are also some small things that you can do to create an oasis in your bathroom until our renovation gets underway.

Buy the best bath towels

100% cotton is the best. They are the most absorbent and durable. Egyptian cotton and Pima tend to be a softer cotton towel. The thicker the better. I love using solid white in most of my bathroom spaces. Sometimes a bathroom design might call for a brightly colored hand towel mixed with stacks of soft cotton bath towels.

Accent with soft textures

If you have space try adding a small chair or bench. A bathroom has lots of hard surfaces, adding a fabric piece can soften the look of the room. If you don’t have space, adding fabric window treatments will also soften the look of the space.

Bring nature indoors

Add fresh flowers or greenery. A few fragrant blossoms in a small vase on your bathroom vanity can make your bathroom feel like an oasis.


A decorative vanity tray can collect and display make-up or personal items. A grouping of decorative glasses or boxes can conceal necessities.

Fill the air with sound

Add a blue tooth speaker so you can stream music into your bathroom easily. The sounds of ocean waves or pouring rain can create a soothing ambiance in your bathroom. Try the CALM app or one of the many streaming music services that offer soothing sounds.

Creative decor

Add some art. Try a new print or canvas art piece in your bathroom. Use a grouping of framed pieces that coordinate with your bathroom’s decor.

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