Adding Houseplants To Your Decor

Every room can benefit from the addition of plants and greenery. Bring the outdoors inside with a simple houseplant which can bring warmth and texture to any room. Houseplants can add an organic and sculptural design element to your space and the use of indoor houseplants has also been credited with reducing stress. With greenery available in every hue variation under the sun, plants can be chosen to complement the space just like any other design detail in your home.

The choices are endless, from flowering plants to exotic potted trees, to low-maintenance succulents in a variety of textures.

Plants can be used as you would use a piece of art in a room.

Add rich color.

A few things to consider when incorporating house plants into your decor:

One. requirements

Consider the unique needs of each plant. Every variety of plant has different needs when it comes to lighting and care requirements. Look at the needs of each variety and place plants in an environment where they will thrive. Some houseplants need direct sun and will not do well without a certain amount of sunlight. 


Choose your container to blend into the room’s decor. The choice of a plant container is important. First, the proportion of the container must look right with the plant. Containers can be porcelain, terracotta, cement, iron, steel. The material choice should complement the plant as well as the room’s decor. The container adds an extra layer of texture and color. The container should not overpower the plant.


Placement is key. Use larger plants in areas that need height. Create a grouping of plants. Group a few plants of varying heights and complementary greenery. This creates a larger impact on the room and looks more balanced than a single small plant.


Live plants bring some health benefits and well as great visual impact. However, if you don’t have the right conditions for live greenery, consider a really well made artificial plant option. You must choose carefully and they are costly but if you are going to use an artificial plant or tree, be sure that it looks like the real thing. There are many realistic options available.


Plants can create unique shadows in a space. The sun shining through a window during the day can create a certain uplifting mood. At night consider using up-lighting or using accent lighting the enhance or direct the shadows that you plant or tree creates in your room.

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