Creating An Outdoor Living Space

As the first few warm days of Spring arrive. The warmer weather calls us outdoors and we start to evaluate the outdoor areas of our home. This year, especially, our world is practicing social distancing and it seems like we might be spending a lot more time at home in the coming months. You are probably considering giving a little attention to your outdoor areas and wondering where to start.

Your outdoor spaces should be designed the same way that you’re indoors the spaces are designed.

First, think about all of the different activities that are going to happen in these outdoor spaces. Cooking, dining, entertaining, maybe you would like a comfortable spot to curl up with a good book. However large or small your outdoor space is, there is room for great design. My mother, in the later years of her life, created the most beautiful outdoor balcony space in her small New York apartment balcony. It was truly an oasis with everything needed to enjoy the tiny space.

Add rich color.

Once you identify the activities that will go on in these spaces, you then can best figure out where to locate all of the designated areas in your outdoor space. If you are creating an outdoor kitchen or cooking area, consider any electrical, gas, and accessibility needs. As far as furnishings, lounge chairs might sense closer to a pool or water feature if you have one. Consider the lighting of the space, which in an outdoor space is the sun. The sun’s location at different times throughout the day, consider this when planning your space.

Create a quick sketch of your yard, they plan a layout that would function well for your lifestyle. Then and only then should you start looking at outdoor furniture to purchase. Most people overestimate the amount of space that they have and how much can fit into it. This is true of exterior spaces as well as interior spaces. Be sure you measure everything first. Take your time and add pieces slowly.

Be sure to include comfortable seating. Many outdoor seating options are not as comfortable as they look. Again, look at measurements to really understand the pieces and their proportion, especially the seat depths and back height. If you are 6’5” tall, a low seat back will not be comfortable. Look at all the dimensions.

Add personality! Your outdoor spaces can be a reflection of your personality just like your indoor spaces. Use items that you love. Your basic pieces should be weather resistant. But on a day filled with sunshine, you and your family can enjoy your outdoor space like an extension of your indoor living space. Add pillows, decorative accessories, and a splash of color. These are the elements that will make your space inviting and you will enjoy spending time in your new outdoor living area.

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