A few things to consider when thinking about a bathroom renovation

You were probably thinking about a bathroom renovation for quite a while. You would love to totally redo your bathroom, tear out the old bathtub shower combination, maybe add a freestanding bathtub, and a beautiful custom tile shower. So the first thing you do is start looking at beautiful marble tiles, you might visit a tile showroom or look at bathtubs online. You’re so excited about the possibilities. You might scroll Pinterest to gather ideas of what you’d like to see in your space.

While all of these things are great, they really don’t help you prepare for the reality of a bathroom renovation. Many clients and homeowners have a wish list containing several of the elements listed above. Then they quickly ask themselves why do these bathrooms differ so much in cost, design and in the end result? Each house is uniquely different. Even bathrooms that might have the same square footage are shaped differently, have different architectural elements, or even a different set of circumstances to work around while building. So much work needs to be done before you’re adequately prepared to start your bathroom renovation.

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1. Planning

 It’s great to have a wish list of items and elements that you would like to see in your space. But don’t get too specific and begin purchasing products too quickly. This might be really limiting your bathroom design and you might be spending money on elements that really won’t work for your specific bathroom. Create that wish list but don’t limit yourself to only the products that you have seen. And don’t begin purchasing any elements too soon, it’s best to wait until you have a plan that is fully developed.

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2. Design

Having a rough idea of what you want to include in the space is not enough information to begin construction on a project. You need an actual design for your space before you begin. Homeowners sometimes think that a bathroom renovation, because it’s smaller than some of the other spaces in their home, that somehow a bathroom renovation will be easier than a kitchen renovation. While kitchen renovations can be very complicated, bathroom renovations (depending on the situation) could actually be more complicated. You are working in a much smaller space, so things have to be planned so you can work in the space safely and be able to fit everything needed in the room considering all of the special needs required to function. This is much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle if one piece is not laid in properly with a space plan, the rest of the space will not come together. I can’t even tell you how many bathrooms I have designed over the many years of renovating. But I will tell you that no two bathrooms are alike especially when preparing a proper space plan. Some might have similar elements because the wants and needs of my client might be similar, but each bathroom is very different and needs to be planned and designed differently so that everything works and functions correctly. So consider hiring a professional designer before you begin a renovation to walk you through the process and prepare a design that really works well for your space. When meeting with your designer this is the time to bring out those photos of design ideas that you have been dreaming about. Your designer will be able to help you determine which of these design elements work for your particular bathroom and which ideas might not work with your particular circumstances

Add rich color.


3. Project Budget

Think about your budget for the project early on. Many of the things that drive the price of a bathroom renovation involve not only design elements but a modification to existing plumbing, electrical or construction, and building code issues. So, depending on your budget the best way to control costs early on is to have realistic expectations of what the scope of work can be done with your budget. Once you have hired a designer to design your bathroom, and you’ve developed an idea of your budget, share this information with your designer so that they can help you and steer you towards a modified bathroom design if a full-scale renovation is not feasible. Once you have a bathroom design you can then, more accurately, have contractors review the design as well as the condition of your home. Based on circumstances and the condition of your particular home, potential problems or issues could now be identified and changes might now be needed to the scope of work to work within your budget. This process is valuable because changes to the design or your plans are much easier done at this point than after construction gets underway.

4. Timing

Since a bathroom is a very important room in your home, the timing of this project is important to the function of your household. Especially if the bathroom that is getting renovated is the only bath or has the only shower/tub. Planning the timing of your renovation, maybe in the summer while the kids are at camp or during a time that works well for your family. In order to do this, your renovation team needs to be on board and in place many months in advance as contractor schedules will affect project timing and a well-planned renovation will consider scheduling far in advance to be able to make the time that your home is under renovation a little bit easier.

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