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I often run into a local Home Goods or Home Sense store in whatever town I might be working in at the time. I might be looking for a few odds and ends while finishing up a design project or while preparing a project for our final photo session day. A few wine glasses or a few accessories perhaps and then I head toward the register so I can head back to work. While doing so, I usually pass through the pillow department.

Guess what? I see you there. You’re standing next to me in the pillow aisle. You’re agonizing over the vast selection of pillows. You’re viewing all the colors, styles, textures, and each one more beautiful than the next. You might have 4 different unrelated throw pillows in the cart, then you take them all out and start over again and often walk away with no pillows or one random pillow. I often wish I could stop for a few moments to help, but of course, I must head back to work.

So, instead, I thought I might write this blog post and provide a few tips for adding throw pillows to your space.


Plan your pillow arrangement just like you might plan the rest of your space, with a specific strategy. Consider what other fabrics you are using in your room and think about colors and fabrics that might look nice with the other fabrics. Then search out only those colors or fabrics that will fit into your decor. If you plan this out you will resist the temptation of adding an unrelated pillow. If you know exactly what you are looking for a pre-made throw pillow can certainly be worked into a look, even if the other pillows are custom, but you do need to know exactly what you are looking for before you start shopping.

Add rich color.



Consider the size of the pillows that might look proportioned to the space. If you have a large bulky sofa then a delicate small pillow will not look proportioned no matter how much you like that small pillow. So, if you are buying pillows of any sort, take a look at the size before you look at the color, fabric, or details. If it is not a good size for your sofa, pass it by.


Mixing patterns can be difficult. If you find yourself struggling to mix patterned fabrics together, try choosing a few solid pillows in different textures. Use colors that you already have in your room for a cohesive look.


If you are the kind of person that likes to switch out your throw pillows occasionally or seasonally, consider purchasing zippered pillow covers, these can be placed over your existing pillows and you won’t have to store all those pillows, the covers can be folded and stored until you use it again. You can find these pre-made or they can be custom made in just the right fabrics to coordinate with your room.


For most of my design projects, I design custom pillows. This allows me to be able to create the exact look that I want for the space with the exact fabric, color and trim to coordinate with the space. This also allows me to customize the filling of the pillows. Pillows can be filled with down, down-alternative, or different types of fiberfill. All of these different types of filling give you a totally different feel and look to the pillow. If you have allergies this is a great choice as you can be sure to use a filling that doesn’t aggravate your allergies.

Throw pillows can be a great way to add a pop of color into your home, so if you are choosing an inexpensive throw pillow, experiment a little for a small investment, knowing that you can make changes if you don’t like the results.

Until next time,


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