Designing custom window treatments

Everyone gets excited when selecting window treatments. Especially if you are looking at custom options, there are so many fabrics to choose from with beautiful patterns, colors, and textures. There are thousands of embellishments and options when it comes to custom window treatments. The excitement soon leads to overwhelm when it comes to deciding among the various options. What pattern do you like, what colors do you like, what type of window treatment do you want?

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 There are so many things to consider when choosing window treatments for a room or your entire home. The design and selection of any window treatment can change the look of any room.  There is more to consider than just whether or not you like the fabric or trim. 

Add rich color.

Let’s begin by asking a few questions to see what your goals are:


What function will your window treatment have for this room?  If your window faces a busy road, you might be looking for this window treatment to provide you some level of privacy.  If this is a bedroom, you might be looking for this window treatment to provide necessary lighting control as well as privacy.  If you have older windows and you live in a colder climate, you might be looking for some insulating qualities.  Defining the function of your window treatments will help you choose one of the many available options.


Choose window treatments after your main furniture selections finalized.  The selection of window treatments and furniture for any room can be difficult. I often go into a home of a new client and see that they might have put up some beautiful window treatments, because this seemed like the more straightforward task to complete, but then there is nothing else in the space. Homeowners can sometimes remain stuck at this point because they have drastically limited their furniture options by doing their window treatments first. 

If you choose window treatments first, even the highest quality custom window treatment can look out of place if you cannot find furniture that complements your selections. It’s always better to choose your main furniture first, as your options might be a little bit more limited to furniture selections. Once you finalize your main fabrics in the space, then look at custom window treatments. Now you can create a beautifully designed window treatment that will complement your furnishing perfectly. You will still get a more cohesively designed space by doing the furniture first and then moving on to the selection of window treatments.

Add rich color.


Consider the view. If you have a beautiful view, I like to treat it like artwork and create window treatments that provide all of the functional needs of my client but something that frames and complements the view instead of competes with it.  If you have a less than ideal view from that window, then you might want to bring more attention to the treatment itself.

Custom window treatments can elevate the look of any space. I hope this helps inspire you to think about the entire area as a whole when thinking about dressing your windows.

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