Personalizing Your Wall Decor

There are so many options when it comes to artwork for your home. You can certainly adorn your walls with any number of options, inexpensive artwork, creating one-of-a-kind pieces, beautiful antique mirrors, or wall sculptures. Some of the most beautiful and meaningful wall decor selections are when we can assist a client with personalizing a piece of wall decor. 

Many of us have meaningful objects or photos tucked away somewhere in our homes. Things that we love and that brings great joy whenever we see them. However many of these objects are stored away, out of sight, in a drawer or closet. 

As a designer, I love to incorporate a client’s personal cherished items and meaningful mementos into a space that I’m designing in their home. Whether it’s something meaningful that you have that’s very personal or something that you just find that you really love, most of these items can be made into something that complements your decor and could be created into something that you could display in your home.

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Recently, I visited my local professional framing shop to frame some interesting pieces for one of my client’s projects. Although we have many options available to us to frame items ourselves, never underestimate the skill and expertise of your local framer. They can look at an item and know exactly how to translate and highlight a piece of artwork and provide you with many options for frames matting and glass that you might not have thought about using.

I love working with a custom framer and there are so many options available to really customize a framed project. Whether it be a gallery wall of a homeowner’s photos, an interesting piece of art that a client found on vacation, or a grouping of prints that I’m using for a project which can be made into a collection that is exactly right for the project that I’m working on. There is a huge difference in the finished project when you compliment the decor with a beautifully professionally framed piece from the client’s own personal collection.

Add rich color.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate a personal item into your wall decor:


Create a grouping of photos. Family photos are great to display in your home but sometimes the colors and the different types of photography don’t always blend well together when mixed together for a grouping or gallery wall. The best solution for this is to select some photos that you love and have them all printed in black-and-white. Once you come up with a group of photos that you love, you can enlarge them and make them all the same size. Now you can have a fresh, contemporary spin on a group of photos that might all be from different decades. Now, these can be all matted and framed alike so that they now relate to each other. This is a simple way to create personalized artwork for your home.


Find one important photo or meaningful photo from your travels, look at the colors in the photo, and see if it might be a good fit for your home’s decor. If it is and the photo is good quality, you can enlarge this photo into one focal point piece for a room. This is a great tip for personalizing your wall decor.

Add rich color.


Find some unframed prints or photos that you love. This could be a random photo from a calendar, a book or something from your collection, or a high-quality PDF that you purchased online. When printed out on high-quality photo paper something like this could make a great piece of art for your wall. Once you customize these prints with a mat and a frame they could make the perfect piece for your wall decor.


Don’t be afraid to think out-of-the-box. Any arrangement of items or mementos in the hands of a professional framer could be into a magnificent piece of wall decor for your home. So look around your home, pull out some of those things that might be meaningful and see if there’s a use that allows you to see them more often and complement your space.

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