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We all love our pets, and we consider them members of the family. Almost every home that we work in has at least one pet, sometimes more than one. We love meeting all of these fantastic and adorable pets just as much as our great clients.

The way that our pets live in our homes can undoubtedly vary from household to household. Some pets prefer a particular space or area of rooms; some pets are allowed only on a specific chair.

Many other pets use all of the furniture, and although they have their dog beds still sleep in their owner’s beds. Cats, dogs, you name it, we’ve seen it. I even designed a particular room for a client’s cats, who very much appreciated great design.

broken floor tile

Much of the wear and tear on the house and it’s furnishings come from household pets.
My pet, a beautiful black and white long-haired cat, does a number on my velvet throw pillows, which seems to be a constant area where she likes to lay her head. Although we’re all going to see wear and tear in our household from our pets, there are a few things that we can do to help to minimize the damage.

Here are a few tips when designing a space that we share with our pets

Add rich color.


Think about your flooring selection. Most of the damage that we see coming from our pets is noticeable on the home’s flooring. If you are choosing new flooring, think about what type of pet you have and how much damage might come to this type of flooring. Wood floors with a factory-applied scratch-resistant finish perform best when you have a large dog, but could also be slippery if you have a dog with limited mobility. Wall-to-wall carpet can be tough to maintain when you have animals. Spills and accidents could be hard to clean up and might retain odor even after professional cleaning. However, if you do a hardwood floor with an area rug, an area rug is much easier to replace or clean if needed. When choosing an area rug, consider one that cleans easily. A low pile area rug might be more manageable when wiping up spills.


Choose upholstered furniture pieces with care. When selecting furniture or purchasing, upholstered pieces think about the durability of the fabric. Is it washable durable can it be spot cleaned? I can tell you if you use velvet throw pillows, it will catch every animal hair that there is. I use velvet on a throw pillow instead of over an entire upholstered piece of furniture. The sofa that these pillows sit on is a very durable fabric, and it’s a slipcover so can be easily washed if needed. A throw blanket on a sofa can help save the material on your sofa and give you pet a cozy spot to curl up.

Add rich color.


Figure out what your pet’s favorite spot is and plan accordingly. Animals have a knack for finding a particular place in the home and claiming it as their own. Trying to get your pet to sleep in that dog bed across the room might be more challenging than you think when your dog has already decided that he likes the other side of the room. Sometimes if you figure this out early, you can work in a spot for that dog bed in an area where the dog is going to continue to sleep anyway.



Search out specialty decorative products for pets. There are so many options available for design-friendly pet options. From decorative dog bowls and mats that match your kitchen decor to designer animal gates, to a custom-designed doggie bath area, and numerous dog and cat beds. There are so many options that are pet friendly but will also compliment your decor. Think out of the box as to how all of the necessary pet items can be design-friendly. Utilizing items that are not necessarily made for pets can give you additional options. For instance, a crystal bowl makes a perfect cat dish.



Be proactive with pet hair, spills, and maintenance of all of the finishes in your home. A quick roll of a wide lint roller daily can pick up pet hair quickly before it builds up or spreads around the house. A little daily maintenance can go a long way in keeping your home people-friendly as well as pet friendly.


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