Why I Should Hire A Designer To Furnish My Space

As a full-service design firm, clients often come to us for complicated renovations, interior design, and the design and selection of construction selections.
The complicated nature of these selections can be maddening, and mistakes made can be costly. With hundreds of design selections needed during a renovation project, most clients are happy to have a designer to defer to and discuss these details when considering such a project.

However, sometimes when a client has room to furnish, they often think that this process will be much more straightforward and that they can quickly walk into a furniture store and get all of their needs met quickly. Unfortunately, the results are often less than the “designer look” that they expected.

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Selecting furnishing for a room or a home can be a very complicated process. The process involves much more than just picking pieces that you love. It involves a thorough knowledge of proportion, balance, proper space planning to create flow throughout the area, mixing of finishes, color undertones, and an understanding of mixing numerous fabrics to be harmonious. The design’s success relies on all of these details, and without a mastery of these skills, what could have been a beautifully designed room can fall flat on its face, regardless of the amount of money spent on furnishings.

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Reasons that you should have a designer furnish your space.


To create that luxurious well-curated designer look, furniture shopping should not be a one-stop shopping experience. A room with all matching furniture pieces looks like a furniture store display. A space created by a designer is much more exciting and much more visually pleasing. Sourcing pieces from numerous vendors and knowing where you can find what you are looking for, in the finishes, price points, and lead times needed. Special ordering or customizing items specifically to meet your needs. Your designer knows how to source items that work well together quickly and efficiently and what will not.


Designers have access to hundreds of trade-only vendors to source products for your project. Not just the products that you can find at retail on the internet. Opening up a whole world of products and options that you might not even know exists. Even if you can “find” one of these options at a retail internet source, you will undoubtedly be paying more for that product. You have also wasted lots of time and energy, and will now have to hope for the best regarding ordering this product yourself from an unknown source. You will also need to deal with any shipping cost or complications involved with shipping the piece to your location. Many times freight shipping will not ship to a residential area, and you will have to source a private shipping company if you are not purchasing from a big retailer. Ordering from a designer, you merely have to approve the selection and await all the furnishings’ arrival at once. Designers often warehouse deliveries of furnishings, then transport everything to your home and install everything at the same time, including any art and accessories. The cost of this installation service is well worth it when you consider the endless hours, frustration, and errors that can make in this part of the process. With a designer, experienced skilled on board, the final results will be that customized designer look that you hoped to achieve.

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Most homeowners overestimate the amount of space they have and what furniture pieces will fit into it. The results will be furniture that either does not match the room or is unproportioned to the area. Or the furniture purchased might fit into the area but not where it’s intended, or with no room for proper space needed around items. A designer will create a floorplan and elevations of your space so you can see the entire room put together. Your design will show suggested pieces and the proper space plan for maneuverability throughout the area.


A designer’s goal is to personalize the space for you. An experienced designer knows fabrics, finishes, and products that will work for individual circumstances. This wealth of information, knowledge, and creative problem-solving skills are what can make a room from just “ok” to “fabulous.” Creating longevity for your finished space. The durability of finishes and selections and a design that suits your needs for a very long time.


Furnishing a room requires a financial investment. You’ll want to be sure that you love the results.

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