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This past year, we have realized that the kitchen is the heart of the home more than ever. It is the place where we prepare meals, but it’s also much more. It’s the place where we congregate with family, store our necessities, sort our groceries, and can even be the place where we do our school or work from home—a tall order for many of our kitchens.

Although many people are always dreaming about a kitchen renovation, many people are seriously considering this much-needed renovation project to meet their family’s needs. With the holidays approaching, our already overworked kitchens will be in full gear as many people prepare to spend the holidays at home. More than ever, this current year is the best time to assess the workings of our existing kitchen and how we can make improvements to meet all of our needs.

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The first step is to take notes on what is not working in your current space. Sometimes it takes a while to figure this out. Many people that move into a new house immediately think that they know what they want to do with their kitchen, but after living in the space for a little while, they have a much better idea of how the room functions. The advantage of thinking about that renovation for some time, you will have a good understanding of what needs to change. These notes are so valuable when you sit down with a designer to create your new kitchen space. In my over 20 years of designing kitchens for clients, I have learned that all clients use their kitchens differently, and although there might be some common needs for the kitchen space, those unique needs can be met by asking the right questions

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Here are some tips on how to evaluate your current kitchen space


Additional Storage is a common request for any kitchen renovation project. But something to take note of is what exactly do YOU store. How many large pots do you want to be able to store in your new kitchen? What do you keep as far as food storage items? Some people store lots of canned goods, and others need more refrigerated storage. How often do you shop for groceries? Look at what you are currently storing and what you would like to store in your kitchen space. How many small appliances do you own and use regularly? What needs to be accessible for daily use, and what could be stored to bring out when needed?


Appliances – What do you need for the way that you cook? How much do you cook? How much do you use your oven, how many burners do you use at once on your range? What elements are necessary, and what features should be luxurious and desired if you have the space to work them into your new kitchen design?


Countertop space – Do you have areas in your current kitchen that do not function well because of a lack of countertop space? Think about all the tasks you perform in your kitchen and think about difficulties. So often, we learn to operate within the confinements of our current space. Think about what would be ideal, and then your designer can help you achieve what is possible for your room, knowing what you would like to have.


What additional tasks do you use your kitchen for? Do you work at your kitchen countertop? Do you bake regularly? If you entertain, what does that typically look like for you? A few people for dinner or a larger gathering?


Items that need a home in your kitchen. Do you store other items in your kitchen besides kitchen items? Like I mentioned before, people use their homes in unique ways. Do you currently store paper products, cleaners, medical supplies in your kitchen? Art supplies for the kids? Are you presently storing kitchen items elsewhere in your home? Are these items that you would like to keep in your kitchen?

Again, you do not need to know how to solve all of these issues; just having a list of not only what you want to see in your new space design-wise, but what is needed for your kitchen to function better for you and your family, will help your designer create a space that meets your needs.

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