About Gia

All great art is a struggle for balance; light and dark, color and space, line and form, perspective and proximity. Therefore, the more creativity, expression and culture you are exposed to, the more you have to draw from when carving your environment.

But to embrace the uninhibited nature of the art world, without the balance of realistic fundamentals, is to invite gaudiness, distraction and sensual discomfort into your mind, life and home.

Good design makes you sit up and take notice, but truly great design makes you feel like it’s always been there, waiting for you. It fits your life, gives your thoughts rest and inspires you to face life’s challenges head-on. To create such an environment requires a perfect storm of talent, passion, taste, practicality and the desire to lift others into the light. It would require combining two people that rarely come in contact; the Artist and the Builder. Gia brings together the best of both.

Born Giavanna Milazzo, in New York City, and raised in the heat and color of Tampa, Florida, Gia was no stranger to the world of art. As a young woman, success came first as a professional ballerina and model. Dance and fashion helped mold a deep awareness of physicality and movement through space. As that awareness continued to grow, it began to manifest externally in the next logical step, designing and creating her own line of high-end jewelry, heavily sought after by fashionable boutiques throughout Florida.

However, fashion, jewelry and movement only pertain to an individual’s immediate, physical form. There is a world beyond that personal space; an interaction and exchange of energy with the environment. As people began to recognize her attention to detail and ability to make space her own, and as they witnessed her creative outlet of choice in action, she was continually requested to enhance others’ lives through their environments.

Therefore, after successfully navigating the challenges of the art and fashion worlds, the unquenchable desire to create beautiful living environments won over the flash of photographers and the flow of the dance. Perhaps the call to design came so loudly because Gia is a person with roots. She was born into a hardworking family of remodelers and was swinging a hammer, pouring over blueprints and considered part of the crew as early as age five. Having launched her firm more than a decade ago, and with years of building relationships with sources, professional contacts and tradespeople, Gia may have mined her history, steeped in creative expression and construction, but she hasn’t looked back since.

Thus, the Artist and the Builder exist in one person; a dreamer and a doer, able to craft an environment of tranquility, excitement and passion with your needs at heart. An independent businesswoman, so grateful to be doing what she loves, that it is constantly reflected in her tireless desire to help, and in her dedication to make your life Art.


“I have always wanted
to be a designer.
I was born to do this,
to transform
your space and bring
your style to life.”

– Gia Milazzo