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Gia’s Room Complete- Coastal Haven- Designer Show House

iloveyousoWell everyone, today is the deadline for having our rooms complete here at the Newburyport Designer Show House. I actually completed my room 6 days earlier than the deadline, so it was nice to spend a little time enjoying my completed space. This gave me the extra time for my photographer to photograph every detail and I look forward to sharing those completed photos on my blog. I am on site today to check on my space and give it a final once over before this week’s scheduled press days! Then time to prepare for opening night’s gala! I will continue to share some more details about this room as we approach the opening of the show. I am also preparing a video series so you can see some more behind the scenes details about the making of this show house space. Hope some of you will come out to tour this beautiful home as it will be open to tour the month of July!

Choosing Furnishings- Coastal Haven Designer Show house- Living Room

iloveyouso-copyToday I will be sharing just a little bit about my show house space plan. I ordered furniture for the design show house space right after I was notified that my design was selected for the show. Our timeline was tight considering that we are dealing with custom work in almost every area of this room.

In this living room space I will be using a mix of custom made upholstered pieces and a vintage chair which I gave a fresh new look with modern fabric. I also mixed in some sleek lacquered designer pieces complementing my color scheme. Gleaming gold metallic and glass touches keep this room feeling light and airy, these finishes also reflect the beautiful morning sun light that pours in through the front windows. I had already prepared a complete space plan and all floor plans and elevation drawings as I submitted them in my original design presentation. So all of my selections were made and I was ready to get everything ordered as the clock was ticking toward our deadline. Measurements must be exact as space planning for a room of this size must be very precise in measurement and proportion.

Everything ordered for this room was delivered to my office from a variety of my designer vendors, unpacked, checked for imperfections, re-packed and transported to the show house, where my crew and I re-assembled and placed each piece according to my plan. The furniture looks beautiful in the space and I can’t wait to show you the completed room!

There is no substitute for a proper space plan. I have seen homeowners weep after ordering a beautiful furniture piece on their own, thinking they will save some money on their special find, only to realize that not only does it not fit up the stairs, but once they hire someone to take their stairway apart to get it up the stairs, it doesn’t even look proportioned to the rest of the furnishings and cannot be returned or removed. Expensive mistakes can be made without a proper space plan and thorough knowledge of how to figure out what items will work in your space. Let me help you prepare the perfect space plan for your next design project!

Choosing a paint color-Coastal Haven

With my 17 plus years of designing homes for clients, I can honestly say, paint color selection is one of the biggest areas in the design process that can bring a client to a state of complete panic.

I have seen everything from tears to family arguments all over paint colors. It is at this point that finally a homeowner will call in a pro. Why is this an area that is so difficult for people. I have the answer to this…. it is because like many of the steps in the design process, people over simplify the process.”How hard can it be? We are intelligent people, we should be able to choose the perfect paint color.” Homeowners really don’t know, what they do not know about color selection, and this element make make or break an entire design.

First: color is a very emotional subject and certain colors trigger different responses for each individual what is right for some, may not be right for others.

Second: color is a strong tool and will do things to help or hurt the proportion and feeling of the particular space. You should know what a tool does before you use it.

Third: color reacts differently depending on where it is placed, this means if you see a color on your friends wall, most likely it will not look the same on your wall. Adding to the varying factors that will effect the color are type of interior lighting source, bulbs, natural lighting, shadowing, and other fabrics and elements in the room.

Choosing a paint color is one area that having experience always produces the best results. Knowing how to consider and weigh out the numerous factors and distinguish the varying undertones of a color can only come from years and years of professional experience.

In choosing my wall color for the Coastal Haven Show House my goal was to seamlessly blend a multitude of blues to complement the various fabrics being used in the space and to open up the room to that beautiful view. Not an easy task, but I am very pleased with my color selection, the perfect blue wall for my room will make everything come together.

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