After A Successful Kitchen Renovation

After A Successful Kitchen Renovation

The dust has finally settled.

After months of working with your designer and construction team, construction is finally complete on your beautiful newly renovated kitchen. You can hardly believe it. Even after watching the process of construction go on every day anticipating the end, you weren’t really sure that it would end, but you persevered. Then one day toward the end of construction, it seemed as though a magic wand was raised, and then suddenly it was transformed. Your gleaming new appliances awaiting your first real meal in your new space. Your beautiful new cabinets stand tall waiting to house your treasured dinnerware and collection of wine glasses, in fact, your kitchen is so beautiful, you now feel the need to run out and buy new dinnerware and wine glasses, to match the new kitchen, of course.

After A Successful Kitchen Renovation

Trusting pays off.

Your kitchen turned out even better than you imagined, even after viewing and studying all the detailed design drawings and design plans from your designer, touching the beautiful samples, and gently being walked thorough the designer’s well-planned step-by-step process, you still could not really imagine your dated dark kitchen turning into your dream kitchen.

But it did. You trusted in the process, invested in a design professional and now you are standing in your new designed and renovated space soaking up every detail and savoring that feeling of finally having your dream kitchen.

You recall the conversations about countertops, lighting, and some of the design details in your space. You are so glad that you approved and trusted some of your designer suggestions, now you can finally see the results all put together like a piece of fine art. One detail dancing nicely with another and then leading your eyes throughout the space in anticipation of the next sight.

It all falls into place.

It all falls into place.

Everything coordinates perfectly, yet nothing really “matches” or looks the same, you aren’t sure how that happened but you now see the difference in a professionally designed space. You can’t wait to start planning your first gathering with family and friends in your new kitchen.

This is how you should feel after a successful kitchen renovation. Unfortunately, many people who try this process on their own express regret, frustration, and disappointment. Over the years I have been very honored to create beautiful kitchen spaces for many clients. I wanted to share some of the feedback that we get at the end of a major project.

My team and I take this trust very seriously and it is always so exciting and gratifying to see our client’s reaction to their new space. Thorough planning and expertise really do make a difference in a successful kitchen renovation.

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Gia’s Room Complete- Coastal Haven- Designer Show House

iloveyousoWell everyone, today is the deadline for having our rooms complete here at the Newburyport Designer Show House. I actually completed my room 6 days earlier than the deadline, so it was nice to spend a little time enjoying my completed space. This gave me the extra time for my photographer to photograph every detail and I look forward to sharing those completed photos on my blog. I am on site today to check on my space and give it a final once over before this week’s scheduled press days! Then time to prepare for opening night’s gala! I will continue to share some more details about this room as we approach the opening of the show. I am also preparing a video series so you can see some more behind the scenes details about the making of this show house space. Hope some of you will come out to tour this beautiful home as it will be open to tour the month of July!

Choosing Furnishings- Coastal Haven Designer Show house- Living Room

iloveyouso-copyToday I will be sharing just a little bit about my show house space plan. I ordered furniture for the design show house space right after I was notified that my design was selected for the show. Our timeline was tight considering that we are dealing with custom work in almost every area of this room.

In this living room space I will be using a mix of custom made upholstered pieces and a vintage chair which I gave a fresh new look with modern fabric. I also mixed in some sleek lacquered designer pieces complementing my color scheme. Gleaming gold metallic and glass touches keep this room feeling light and airy, these finishes also reflect the beautiful morning sun light that pours in through the front windows. I had already prepared a complete space plan and all floor plans and elevation drawings as I submitted them in my original design presentation. So all of my selections were made and I was ready to get everything ordered as the clock was ticking toward our deadline. Measurements must be exact as space planning for a room of this size must be very precise in measurement and proportion.

Everything ordered for this room was delivered to my office from a variety of my designer vendors, unpacked, checked for imperfections, re-packed and transported to the show house, where my crew and I re-assembled and placed each piece according to my plan. The furniture looks beautiful in the space and I can’t wait to show you the completed room!

There is no substitute for a proper space plan. I have seen homeowners weep after ordering a beautiful furniture piece on their own, thinking they will save some money on their special find, only to realize that not only does it not fit up the stairs, but once they hire someone to take their stairway apart to get it up the stairs, it doesn’t even look proportioned to the rest of the furnishings and cannot be returned or removed. Expensive mistakes can be made without a proper space plan and thorough knowledge of how to figure out what items will work in your space. Let me help you prepare the perfect space plan for your next design project!

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